developmental psychology

Introduction: This assignment will give you an opportunity to critically evaluate an episode of a Children’s TV show through the lens of a developmental psychological perspective. You are asked to examine and explore language, gender, and cultural developmental aspects of the show and critique these based on Early childhood development.
TV Show Selection: You can pick any episode of a children’s TV show of your choosing. (YOU CAN USE THE FIRST EPISODE OF SOFIA THE FIRST.)
Review the blog entry questions below before watching the show and take notes during the show in preparation for your blog entry.
Blog Entry: Structure your blog entry based on the following questions:
1. Introduction: What TV show did you watch? What was its format (cartoon, live action)? Who is the primary audience for the show (age, cultural background, gender, etc.)? Give a brief overview of what you will cover in your blog entry.
2. Language: What did you notice about the language used on the show? Pick 1-2 concepts or research findings from language development studies,(Jean Berko) compare these apply to the TV show (e.g., were there examples of “pragmatics” in the show?). How might language in the show impact children’s language development?
3. Gender: What were some of the gender stereotypes (e.g., aggressive male figures)? How might these stereotypes impact development?
4. Culture: What would be relevant cultural critiques of the TV show? How might these critiques impact development?
5. Conclusion: Based on your knowledge of toddlerhood and early childhood, what would be your overall assessment of the TV show? What were the key take-aways for you in terms of the developmental impact of the TV show? What would be some suggestions for changes to the TV show given your knowledcixge of Developmental Psychology thus far?

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