Describe what the authors of the study did to prevent type I and type II errors in each of the studies.

Background: The Case & Signature Assignments represent a continuation of one another, building on each other and integrating course concepts. Although these are two distinct assignments, they are highly interrelated and collectively integrate concepts presented throughout the course.
Both assignments are premised on the fact that you will be planning a research study for the organization you work for. Consider the organization where you are currently employed, or a past organization where you were employed. You will think of a problem that exists in your current (or a past) organization that you would like to research in greater depth.
In this case assignment, you will integrate concepts from the first four units by preparing responses to the following questions in a 5 to 8 page paper.
1. Describe the problem facing your organization (or a previous organization you worked for). Be certain to describe the problem in detail and tell me why it is a problem, as well as why it needs to be addressed. Your discussion should include the impact of the problem on the organization.
2. Perform a comprehensive literature search specific to the problem you have identified. You will identify and report on at least five studies that have acknowledged the problem that you have identified. Be certain to select empirical research studies.
3. In each of the studies you have selected (in number 2, above), discuss the descriptive statistics used by the authors. Discuss why the authors felt the need to discuss these particular

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descriptive statistics. Were any of the parameters of the
descriptive statistics similar to the issue you identified?
4. For each of the studies you selected, describe the population
included in the research study. Was the population normally
distributed? Why or why not?
5. For each of the studies you selected, discuss whether any type
I or type II errors could have been possible in the study. Describe what the authors of the study did to prevent type I and type II errors in each of the studies.
The Case Study is due by Sunday at 11:59 pm (PST)

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