What are the environmental issues that the Organization’s management is facing?

Individual Project
Worth 100 points Due at the conclusion of Module 6
The requirements for the project are the following: Each student should create a fictitious consulting company to work on this project.
The objective is to analyze an organization to explore its management practices and issues from TWO AREAS in Column 1. The student will conduct research on the area to identify best practices to base their recommendations for improvements to the Company. (Column 2)
Column 1: Question to Explore Column 2: Research & Recommend
What are the environmental issues that the Organization’s management is facing? What strategies are being implemented to adapt to these environments? What other strategies to adapt to these environments, would the you suggest?
What are issues involved in managing a diverse workforce and conduct necessary research to address these issues? (Describe the diversity in the Organization) What suggestions would the you make to address these?
What are examples of how the organization does planning, organizing, & control processes? What suggestions would you make to improve what the company is currently doing?
What are the current practices in the Organization around how leaders use motivation techniques? What theories support or relate to the practices you learned?
What are the current practices in the Organization around how leaders use Effective communication? What suggestions would you make to the organization for improvements?

The chosen organization will be a large organization (profit or non-profit). Conduct your search using online resources. You may use the company Website, financial records, annual reports, interviews of management and other public sources to gather the information for your report. You must also conduct research to identify the suggestions (Column 2) using 4-5 scholarly sources in addition to the Organization’s web site. There are two parts to the project:
1. The paper will be 7 – 10 full pages long. Write the paper using MS Word, APA style.
The sections are:
a. Overview
b. Organization -Brief background – (history, Operations, products and services)
c. Who you interviewed- Name and contact information (If applicable, not required)
d. What are the two areas (Column 1) that you addressed and what you learned about what the organization is currently doing.
e. What recommendations in each area would you suggest to help the Organization? Be sure to cite your references in your paper as to the source of your ideas.
f. Share whether you did or plan to share your recommendations to the Company and what their reaction was if you did do this.
g. Summary -What are the 3-4 major things that you learned from the Project?
2. A PowerPoint presentation: 8- 12 slides about 8-10 minutes, should be prepared with speaker notes. Submit the PPT in the Canvas Messaging system.
Cover Sheet
The cover sheet must include your names, the tittle of the paper, the name of the fictitious or real company, the course title and number, the semester, year, instructor’s name and the date of submission.
The group assignment must be 7 – 10 full pages in length, not including the cover sheet or reference page. You must use 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. Three or more references must be listed in APA Format on a page at the conclusion of the assignment.
Your PowerPoint presentation should be approximately 8 – 12 slides and submitted through the Canvas Messaging system. Only the paper will be submitted in the assignment area. The presentation must include a title page with your name. The presentation must include background summary of the organization. Each slide will provide a summary of the research paper and each will have an appropriate title. The use of appropriate graphics, charts, and tables is encouragecixd. Use one slide for references.

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