Culture and cognitive development and development of self

The student will prepare a 8-10-page literature review for a topic concerning an advanced topic within Psychology (the student should confirm the topic with her/his instructor before beginning work). The literature review must include at least five (5) peer reviewed journal references (primary sources ideally from those included in the annotated bibliography) in addition to their text and any other secondary sources (e.g. books). The literature review should contain an introduction to the topic/phenomena, which should include a description and background of the topic/phenomena question. This introduction should be written to flow directly into the body of your paper. The literature review should also include a brief discussion of at least four primary sources (empirical research), serving to bring the topic together. The paper should then conclude by coming to some conclusion regarding the phenomena/topic based on the findings of the articles. This conclusion will culminate in an inquiry-based question that point to a direction for further research in the field.

The literature review must conform to all applicable APA Publication Manual format guidelines.

The use of quotes is prohibited within this assignment. In APA, quotes are only permissible in two instances: when retaining the authors first-person voice or when the information is too technical to restate. Neither of these instances applies with these topics or this assignment. All written content must be in your own words and properly cite the sources when summarizing or paraphrasing information from a source.

The paper must be written in the third person perspective, consistent with APA guidelines. The use of the first-person perspective presents opinion and the air of personal bias and as such is contrary to most scientific writing.

Notice on Plagiarism: Plagiarism will not be tolerated! All instanced of plagiarism will result in the submission of a Report of Academic Integrity Code Violation to the Office of the VP for Learning. Students are strongly urged to thoroughly read the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Integrity Code for their rights, responsibilities, and obligations for submitting academic work. Please note that ignorance of the Code of Conduct, Academic Integrity Code, and/or what constitutes plagiarism is not an excuse for plagiarism.

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