computer security versus privacy

TO DO : read The greatest contest ever privacy versus security article on computer security versus privacy to gain an understanding of the topic. Next, conduct a brief research on the Computer Security Versus Privacy topic referencing current events as they relate to the topic. Then, analyze the information with respect to different perspectives, theories, or solutions. Finally, present and describe your opinion on the topic.
Define computer security and privacy, discuss a specific aspect of computer security
and privacy, and state your thesis.

How is computer security understood? What methodology is implemented? How is
data collected? Who collects the data? What limitations exist with computer security
and what are the implications?
How is privacy understood? What methodology is implemented? How is data
secured? Who uses the data and for what purpose?
Present in-depth information regarding existing knowledge and/or research on
computer security and privacy. What are the various viewpoints and ideas regarding
computer security and privacy?
Based on existing literature and data, what insightful trends can you identify that relate
to your thesis?
What conclusions can you draw from your findings?