Assessment and Evaluation

Words: 509
Pages: 2
Subject: Research Writing

As an instructor of the basic skills class at the local community college, you have been asked to provide ideas for assessing the writing ability of learners in your class through the use of formative and summative methods. The assessment approaches and instruments that you recommend will be used to decide who needs a developmental writing class and who should take the regular writing course. In this design document, you will create a plan for assessment and evaluation of basic writing skills.

Include the following:

Include a purpose statement for the plan.
Include the learning objective(s) that will be assessed.
Design 2 formative assessment assignments aligned with the objective(s).
Design 1 summative assessment assignment aligned with the objective(s).
Develop formative and summative rubrics for judging the data collected from the formative and summative assessments to evaluate student work for the assessment assignments.
Defend the validity and reliability of the assessment instruments you have designed.
Develop a detailed assessment and evaluation plan, including the time line for assessment and evaluation strategies, identification of individuals who will conduct the assessment and evaluation (including an explanation of the differences between assessment and evaluation), and the threshold to determine how students will be assigned to each class.
The content of this design document, including objectives, assignments, and rubrics must be the candidates original work.