Areas of Exceptionality

Students will present via ppt a summary of a chapter dealing with one of the areas of exceptionality from the textbook.

Students will need to include a cover page (2.5pts) as well as the following format and include the information below as headers on each slide:

Definition and Characteristics (5pts)
Causes (5pts)
Identification and Assessment (5pts)
Educational Approach & Placement Options (5pts)
References (2.5pts)
+Remember to use the note section within the ppt for your work and allow us to have less information on each slide. Less is more.

+If you are using graphics from a website, you need to cite the source appropriately.
BOOK IS CALLED Exceptional Children An Introduction to Special Education Plus Revel — Access Card Package
By Heward, William L.; Alber-Morgan, Sheila R.; Konrad, Moira
ISBN: 9780134990422
Edition: 11th
Type: Paperback w/ Access Card
Pub. Date: 3/1/2018
Publisher: Pearson