Appeal Dismissal For West coast University (Nursing)

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Subject: Research Writing

I received an email saying that I was being dismissed for For not passing Life span phycology twice. I’m in the school for the nursing program and I would love to continue going to this school.

The first grade i got was a C- and the second time they dropped me because i didn’t turn in a discussion on time. i need to write an an appeal letter that includes:
a. Details and description of the decision or situation being appealed

b. Reason or basis for appeal (for example, explain the type of circumstances that contributed to the failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress) [I started a new job at an accounting firm and i thought i could handle my classes and job hours and that why i was falling behind in that life span class.)

d. Requested remedy being sought

e. Viable student success action plan (using the Student Services Action Plan form completed by the student) showing how student will support education or behavioral situation if appeal is granted (what the student has done to eliminate those potenticixal problems in the future)