An Introduction to Human Services by Mandell and Schramm.

Textbook Readings
Read chapters 9 and 10 in An Introduction to Human Services by Mandell and Schramm.

Your assignment should be 3 full pages in length (with a typical font and spacing this will be 3 to 5 pages) and should use information from the textbook, online resources, and your own experiences. This assignment provides an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the reading material. Be sure to document all sources properly in APA style.

Topic and questions related to be answered below:

Mary is an 87-year-old white widowed female with a history of respiratory issues. Mary currently lives alone in a two bedroom condominium. Mary gets short of breath when she completes any of her activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. Mary has noticed these activities are getting harder to complete alone and take her longer to complete. Marys daughter Carol lives five miles away. Carol helps with grocery shopping and light cleaning. Mary states she wants to stay at home for as long as she can.

Using the vignette above, share what you think you already know about the Mary. What more do you need to find out about Mary or her situation? What open-ended questions do you need to ask of Mary and Carol in an initial assessment?

Be sure that your initial assessment questions demonstrate your understanding of empathy and preparatory empathy. Within your assignment, define empathy. Identify what you can do to sensitize yourself to both Marys and Carols situations before your initial visit (preparatory empathy)?

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