A tweet as rhetorical appeal

Logos: Appeal to reason/Logic
Ethos: Appeal to character/Trust
Pathos: Appeal to emotion and empathy
Kairos: Right time/Right season

Visit https://twitter.com/explore and use the search bar to locate a publicly available persuasive tweet of 140280 characters that is aligned with your profession/discipline and illustrates a rhetorical appeal. You do not need to create a Twitter account for this activity or be logged into a personal account. Once you have located the tweet, take a screen capture of the tweet, and insert the image into the top of a Word document. Below the image, define which type of rhetorical appeal is being made by the writer (logos, ethos, pathos, or kairos), and then describe your interpretation of the writers intended appeal. Be sure to describe how and why the message is aligned with the specific appeal. Your descriptive paragraph should be at least 45 sentences.

Submit your document to the assignment drop box.

End of Week 3

Assessment Guidelines
Before uploading, please save your document under the following naming conventions: YourLastName – Week # – Assignment Title.
This assignment is worth 5 points and is a completion grade.