5-10 min podcast with images of a health problem in your neighborhood

Identify a health problem in your neighborhood (or a nearby neighborhood) that resonates with you. Identify some of the underlying risk factors in that neighborhood that make the problem worse.

In a 5-to-10-minute podcast, talk with neighbors or community members about this issue in your neighborhood.
Think of health broadlynot just in terms of disease, but in factors that make it easier to be healthy. Here are some examples of themes you might want to choose from:

Are there safe and nearby playgrounds for children to be active in?

Are there places to buy fresh vegetables and other healthy foods nearby?

Does the neighborhood feel safe to walk in? Are streets well lit?

Are crosswalks and bike lanes available?

Are there places for youth to gather and get support from caring adults?

Or other community issues that resonate with you.

Your video/podcast should include:
Demonstration of Public Health Issue in the selected neighborhood

Demonstration of Risk Factors for the selected health issue in that neighborhood

Use data to describe problem in the neighborhood context

Include Examples/Storytelling show what the problem looks like in real life

Description/examples of possible solutions
The video should be engaging and concise

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