Write about how school counselors assist students with separation anxiety disorder.

Write a research-based paper in APA(7th edition style) citing a of 5 current (last 5 years) references on separation anxiety disorder. The paper must include the role of the school counselor in working with this special population with respect to advocacy, and personal/social/academic/career interventions that consider best practices and evidence-based interventions as appropriate for the population. Special attention should be to citing evidence-based practices, counseling interventions, and the implications for school counselors or school psychologists. Depending on the discipline, ASCAs or NASPs position should be included as relevant to the topic selected. Current research in ACA and its divisions (www.counseling.org (Links to an external site.)) or (or NASP http://www.nasponline.org/ (Links to an external site.)) peer-reviewed journals and publications must be cited

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