Write a study that explains To improve coherence and flow, are transitional words or phrases used at the start or conclusion of paragraphs?

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Part 1

Activity Instruction

In this Activity portion of the Writing Project, you will finalize and submit your literary analysis essay.

Assignment Instruction

Module Instruction

Revising, Editing, and Publishing

Revise your completed essay for content. Look at the overall clarity, focus, and flow. Review the questions provided in the Writing Instruction for this lesson as you revise your writing. Use this checklist to guide you.

Revising Ideas

Is the claim clear and focused?
Are the topic sentences clear and concise?
Do all of the main and supporting ideas connect back to the claim?
Revising Paragraphs

Do body paragraphs contain information supporting the claim?
Does each paragraph begin with an appropriate topic sentence?
Do all the ideas in each paragraph relate to the topic sentence?
Does the topic sentence for each paragraph relate back to the claim?
Does the order of the paragraphs make sense?
Does each idea lead or flow into the next idea?
Are transitional words or phrases used at the end or beginning of paragraphs to create greater cohesiveness and flow?
Revising Sentences

Does the overall construction of the sentences make sense?
Are all the sentences complete thoughts?
Are any sentences vague or unclear?
Does the order of the sentences within the paragraphs make sense?
Do transitions used at the end or beginning of sentences help to signal connections between ideas?
Revising Textual Evidence

Is the textual evidence that is used to support the claim accurate, sufficient, and relevant?
Is the evidence properly introduced, cited, and explained in your own words?
Reread your essay carefully to edit for spelling and grammatical errors. Spellcheck features or programs can be helpful tools for checking spelling, but they sometimes do not find errors that human eyes can find. Make any necessary changes to fix errors you find with grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Submit the final draft of your essay to your instructor.

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