Write a research report on techniques for minimizing the application of restrictions.

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Write a research report on techniques for minimizing the application of restrictions.1.Literature/Evidence Review [Limit to 4-
4 1/2 pages]
*The Literature Review or Synthesis and Analysis of Supporting Literature section needs to include the search strategy used to identify the relevant articles or documents contained in the supporting literature review section that provide the “evidence” for guiding your proposed project. Use relevant research databases and document comprehensive search strategies including:
-the search terms used in the literature search to identify the articles/documents
-the databases used.
These components (search strategy, terms, databases) are a CON requirement for all DNP Proposals.
– any additional strategies (e.g. browsing specific journals or looking for similar articles or which articles cited a relevant article
– a set of criteria for how results were screened and meet the PICO or problem
The number of results and a clear explanation of how articles were ultimately chosen needs to be described (inclusion and exclusion criteria). Typically, 7-10 articles are appropriate for the synthesis.
Synthesis and Analysis of Supporting Literature: Briefly describe your literature review synthesis themes (about three as subheadings) that support the problem and the proposed evidence-based solution.
* The lit review MUST include a Quality Appraisal Tool that evaluates the articles that are included in the review. Additionally, a short paragraph about your findings regarding the Tool must be included to rate the articles.
*A literature table summarizing the findings of the literature contained in this section needs to be included. The literature table will help you synthesize the evidence and communicate to others about your analytic processes. Include any limits or filters used (e.g. English, age groups).(Note: the literature table should be included at the end of the proposal, in the Appendix, “see Appendix A”.
2.Guiding Theoretical Framework, Model, or Theory [Limit to ½-1 page]
*Provide information about how the proposed project is guided by or results from an appropriate theoretical framework, model or theory (e.g., Model for Improvement, Diffusion of Innovations, Model for Safe, Reliable and Effective Care)
*Provide key primary references to link your proposed project to the framework, model or theory. (Note: refrain from using secondary references.)
*Add a visual diagram regarding the Framework (optional) with the appropriate reference(s) either embedded within the text or in the appendices of your proposal.