Write a research paper about McDonough, Elise’s book Sustainable Food: How to Buy Right and Spend Less.

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Write a research paper about McDonough, Elise’s book Sustainable Food: How to Buy Right and Spend Less.These are the complete instructions: The Book Report is both a writing and research assignment. It is an opportunity for you to show your reading comprehension and writing skill using a very interesting and informative book. The assignment is to be no longer than 4 pages. If you do not adhere to the writing and formatting requirements listed in this paragraph below, the highest grade you will receive on this assignment is 89.
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You are going to read the book.
You will have a two-fold purpose in writing this assignment:
i. First, I want a clear and coherent summary of the major issues presented in the book. Summary must be in a coherent paragraph format, not a chapter-by-chapter list or bullet point.
ii. Second, I want you to pick ONE ISSUE and take a position. You can be either on the same side of the issue as the author or on the opposite side.iii. In either case, you will need to support your argument using three
references outside of the book.
iv. Those references are to be attached to your report. Include the first
tittle page of each article being used as a source in your final report.
v. The references are to be from legitimate sources.
vi. The best references are refereed journals but others may be acceptable.
Newspaper articles and internet summaries are not acceptable. ONLY PEER REVIEWED RESEARCH JOURNALS are acceptable references. The journals found in PubMed are examples of peer reviewed journals.
vii. Be sure to include in text citations and references your three sources in a separate page.
viii. If you are unsure about the acceptability of your references, please check with me. You can use the following series book to help write your position paper on the issue you selected. Clashing Views on Controversial Issues in Food and Nutrition (Taking Sides Series) by Marion Nestle, L. Beth Dixon.