Write a paper that’s interesting and engaging that teaches the reader something about dispute resolution.

Your final research paper assignment is to write 6-8 double-spaced pages on any topic in the field of legal
analysis or conflict resolution. Your research paper could discuss a topic that weve covered this semester
that youd like to delve into more deeply (e.g., the effect of gender on negotiation performance) or a topic
that we havent discussed this semester (e.g., recent U.S. Supreme Court cases related to arbitration). The
purpose of this assignment is for you to find a topic that youre genuinely interested in learning more about,
and then locating source materials books, articles, newspaper pieces, etc. so that you can truly gain a
comprehensive understanding of the topic.
Papers must be Times, size 12, normal (1) margins. Absolutely no late papers will be accepted or
graded. If you do not submit your final paper by this deadline, you will automatically receive a
ZERO for this assignment. Do not submit papers with typos, emoticons, or incorrect grammar. Write a
paper thats interesting and engaging that teaches the reader something about dispute resolution.
You will be evaluated based on the depth of your research; the quality of your writing and presentation; and
your mastery of the topic. Include a bibliography showing what you have read and cited. Quote directly
from sources, where appropriate. See if you can identify the most important thinkers/scholars/writers in
your particular area. Generally speaking, almost any area has four or five academic leaders who have
written extensively on the subject.
What is a good topic? Youll know it when you see it. An interesting research topic might be, for
example, The Use of Arbitration in Baseball. A bad topic is often a subject that is either too broad
(e.g., Negotiation) or too narrow (e.g., The Negotiation of the Lease Between Party A and Party B in
November 1999). You want to ensure that there will be enough scholarly material to draw upon. Feel free
to ask me whether your topic sounds like a good one.