Write a paper addressing the question, “What does the Kenyan Constitution say about abortion?”

Write a paper addressing the question, “What does the Kenyan Constitution say about abortion?”For this research paper, you will need to select your own topic. I recommend selecting a topic which you are personally interested in, which you want to study and discover more about, since this will naturally make the research and writing processes much more enjoyable for you. That said, if you are struggling to choose a topic, I would recommend choosing a current issue which intrigues you, such as social media, safe spaces, artificial intelligence, gun control, etc. Once you have selected your topic, you will then need to form a research question and begin the research process independently, striving to acquaint yourself with the different positions on the issue (“they say”). You will then need to write a thesis-driven argumentative research paper, which means that you are required to take a position in a thesis statement and then work to support it, using your research, throughout the body of your paper. Requirements The Mini-Research Paper must be 3-4 pages in length and use 3-4 sources (at least two must be scholarly articles from a library database). Wikipedia is not allowed; you may use .com, .org, .edu, sources, but you should be very, very cautious. (Fake news abounds!) The paper must be in MLA format, which means, in addition to having the page properly set-up, you are required to have a Works Cited page. (The Works Cited page does not count towards the total page number). Remember, this is an argumentative, not an informative, essay, which means you are required to have a clear debatable thesis, and use your sources to prove that thesis.