Write a 1000-word report on something in the biological world that just seems crazy.

Write a 1000-word report on something in the biological world that just seems crazy.

The biological world is filled with organisms whose life cycles and lifestyles might seem extreme or, in some cases, psychotic. For example, did you know that the anglerfish (the scary deep ocean fish that you saw in “Finding Nemo”) has a peculiar method of reproduction? The male anglerfish, which are significantly smaller than the females, will latch onto the female with their mouths. The tissues of the male’s mouth become fused with the body of the female. Over time, the female absorbs the male into her own body so that all that’s left is basically the male’s sex organs. Yes, in effect, the male degenerates into simply a pair of testes on the body of the female.

You can also consider the adult mayfly, whose only job in its every brief life is to reproduce. Why is the lifespan so brief? Because it doesn’t even have a mouth to eat with. Crazy, right? Speaking of mouths, juvenile caecilians will eat the skin of their mothers until they are old enough to feed for themselves. Ew.

Your goal in this paper is to find some crazy, WTF feature or behavior in the biological world. It can be in an animal, plant, fungus, protist, bacteria, whatever. It can also be a structural adaptation, a behavior, of life cycle characteristic, but most importantly, it should be freaking AMAZING.

Write your paper like a magazine article or a webpage for a reputable site. It doesn’t have to be formal research paper, although you should do some investigation before you start (i.e, don’t write a paper about how your cat amazingly ate 3 donuts). Your tone should be casual, but professional. Feel free to embed a photo or two, if youd like. No references are necessary, but be careful about plagiarism. Because this paper is due late in the semester, you most likely will not have an opportunity to correct a paper that gets flagged for non-original content.

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