Working Thesis statement Prewriting

For this assignment, review the Week 9 Learning Materials related to the development of a working thesis statement. Then select one of the prewriting techniques you reviewed earlier in the course and choose a prewriting technique for this assignment. Set a timer for 5 minutes and use prewriting to formulate phrases for a working thesis statement. For this activity, avoid drafting complete sentences and instead focus on phrases that describe the main and supporting claims for your research argument. This can be done on paper or using a Microsoft Word document. Then submit a screen capture of the paper page or submit the Word document for this assignment.

Submit the screen capture or document to the assignment drop box.

End of Week 9

Submissions Guidelines
Before uploading, please save your document under the following naming conventions: YourLastName – Week # – Assignment Title.
This assignment is worth 5 points and is a completion grade.
For help taking a screen capture, refer to Take a Screenshot if you use a Mac or How to Take and Annotate Screenshots if you use Windows 10.