when should we be obedient and disobedient to authority

What you need to do:
For this assignment you will first need to find a middle ground answer, telling us both when a person should and shouldn’t obey authority. Remember, it’s not reasonable to say that a person should never obey authority; we all have to go along to get along sometimes. You will need to provide evidence in the form of quotes from the readings to back up your position, but ultimately you should present your own opinion.

How to do it:
This paper should take the form of a thesis-driven essay; your thesis should address both sides of the issue and will need to make use of the concession thesis.

The two sources below are the only sources that can be used for this paper.

Opinions and Social Pressure Solomon Asch 1955

Milgram, Stanlecixy, The perils of obedience,

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