What were the ingredients of the early medieval synthesis?

Discuss fully, TWO (2) of the following in an essay format (10 points each) These essays DO NOT have to follow the 5 paragraph rule but do need to answer the questions with well thought out responses. If you answer the questions with the asterisks correctly, you can receive extra credit as they are more challenging. You can choose ANY of the following questions. You DO NOT answer two from each chapter.

(Chapter 5)
a. *What were the ingredients of the early medieval synthesis? How did they come to define the character of the West?

b. In what ways did feudalism inspire the production of landmarks in the arts?

c. What were the principle landmarks of the emerging West between ca. 500 and 1100 C.E.? Which are the most memorable? To what extent?

(Chapter 6)
d. Examine the medieval community of Christendom, pointing out the landmarks that typified this unique time and place.

e. *It is often said that the Church was the great patron of the arts of Western Christendom. Defend this statement by describing some of the landmarks (literary, visual, and aural) indebted to church patronage.

f. Compare some of the religious landmarks of medieval Christendom with those of medieval Hinduism and/or Buddhism.

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