What was the impact of the Unseen Question in Palestine?

What was the impact of the Unseen Question in Palestine?: The purpose of the final research paper is to give you an opportunity to review and deepen your understanding of the history of Zionism. In your essay I want you to focus on the following question: What was the impact of the Unseen Question in Palestine? You must only answer this question, no other essay topic will be accepted. If you choose another question, you will fail this assignment.

In writing the research paper you should be able to cover the assignment competently based on the assigned readings given, plus at least one additional further readings. All definitions linked to Jewish History, Culture, or Religion should be looked up in the Encyclopedia Judaica. Only peer-reviewed articles or book chapters are permitted to be cited in the essay; do not cite primary or secondary sources from the internet.

To receive full credit, must need to write:
1) an introduction for the paper,
2) a main part analyzing the essay question by discussing primary and secondary sources,
3) a conclusion of your paper.
Finally, you must provide a bibliography with all primary and
secondary sources you have cited and referenced for your written work.

“In reading your essay, I will be looking for clarity of understanding and expression, some sense of detail and complexity, and, most importantly, for your own argument. In general, it is important to emphasize argument rather than description. You must provide definitions of historical phenomena and historical movements, incorporate a short biographical introduction of the most important figures you are dealing with, and integrate this information into the broader context of the essay question. Also, you must provide and analyze direct quotations from the primary sources. These direct references should be followed by a sentence that contextualizes and analyzes the quote. Analyzing primary sources is central to building your argument and thus writing a successful research paper.

[ The sources included are from the class ]