What observations, descriptions or arguments does the article use to support the main idea?

In PSC 216, you have chosen to write an three article reviews based on the subject matter sections in this course ( the Middle East, Africa & Latin America). The articles you choose can pertain to the entire region itself, or a country within this region (mix & match). Please make sure you also choose lengthy articles from credible sources (No wikipedia). The articles you choose can be of a political nature, historical, cultural. For example, you might one to choose an article that discuses a social issue within the region or country of your choice.

Please read these instructions carefully before you begin.

Each article review paper will be 3-4 pages long, double spaced using a 12 font. Paper must include a cover page (with your name, title of topic, course # & section (an Honors course section will soon be created for you in this class, you will be required to drop out of PSC 216-0C1 and reenroll in the new created section.) In addition to a reference page too. Both pages are in addition to each the 3-4 pages. Each paper must include these three(3) questions that you will use as your headings:

1) What is the main idea of the article?
What fundamental insight does the article convey regarding the topic chosen in this region (and/or country), and how to understand it? In other words, what idea links the information or arguments contained in the article together in a coherent fashion? Two paragraphs are sufficient.

2) What observations, descriptions or arguments does the article use to support the main idea?
To answer this question, choose specific examples or descriptions, case studies, major arguments, or individual experiences discussed in the article, and then explain how it illustrates the main idea or major them. If there is more than one major theme to the article, be sure to cover all of them in this section. As a general rule, four to five paragraphs should be sufficient, but more may be necessary depending on the length of the article.

3) What is the main contribution of this article to our understanding of the politics/history/culture of this region?
To answer this question, explain how the theme or content of the article coincides with or complements the material learned in class lectures and discussions. In other words, what does it suggest regarding the nature of politics, and/or history/culture and its complexities, and what does it tell us regarding the future trends or patterns of behavior of political actors in this region. One or two paragraphs should be sufficient