What is the source’s central thesis? How does the author argue for this thesis?

Choose ONE primary source from the provided list of options. Read through the source and any contextual information that is provided about the source. After you have carefully read the source write a 575 word essay in which you address the following questions:

What is the source’s central thesis? How does the author argue for this thesis?

What is the context of the time period in which this piece was written?

What potential biases might the author have and why?

How does this source connect with themes or ideas you have learned in your history or political science courses? Be specific and give examples.

The goal of this assessment is to demonstrate comprehension, historical connections, and the use of proper citations. You should not do any any additional resource for your essay and utilize only the one selected primary source from the list below. Essays must be typed, a minimum of 575 words, and use proper citation. You may use MLA style in-text citations. A works cited page is not necessary.

Essays will be evaluated on the following criteria:

Knowledge and understanding of source thesis as well as bias (6a, 6d)

Ability to place the source in historical context & provide specific evidence (6b, 6e)
Critical analysis of the source by drawing comparisons to themes learned in social science courses (6a, 6b, 6c)

Use of frequent and direct references to the source (6d).

Use of proper citation (6e)

The topic I chose was:

Topic: Political polarization and identity
The source you may use:

Barack Obama’s 2004 DNC Keynote Speech


Please just utilize the link above.
Description: Speech given by then Illinois State legislator Barack Obama outlining a vision of America.

Thanks for your help, and happy holidays!