What is the most compelling reason to engage in a pre-writing process?

Week 3 Critical Thinking Exercise – Due 18 June 21

In Week 1, you were introduced to the Writing Process. This week you will submit your first essay assignment for which you have already developed your first draft and shared with your classmates in this week’s discussion board.

Take the time to reflect on how you applied or did not quite apply process writing for this specific assignment, particularly the pre-writing process.


In crafting your post, answer the following questions:

1) How did you go about planning your essay? Did you apply the pre-writing process?
2) What is the most compelling reason to engage in a pre-writing process?
3) How successful were you at engaging in this process with this specific assignment? Why/why not?
4) If you were to engage more fully in a pre-writing process, what effect do you think that have on your writing? What habits and/or discipline do you think you are still to cultivate in yourself as far as writing habits/discipline? How will you achieve these goals?

Task 1: Initial Post

1) Create a new discussion topic on or before the required date/time by clicking the ‘**REPLY HERE**’ post.
2) Post your answers to the above prompt/questions in a minimum of five sentences.
3) Check spelling/grammar and can show the word count prior to posting.

Remember: All textual references (quotes/paraphrases) must be cited in MLA format (in-text citations and Works Cited).

Task 2: Responses

1) Read and respond to a minimum of two (2) of your classmate’s discussion topics.
2) Each of your responses should be a minimum of 50 words.
3) Think of your responses in terms of a contribution to an ongoing dialogue. Elaborate on a single idea and keep your post short but concise as if you were holding a conversation with your classmate(s). Incorporate what you have learned from the weekly reading material and from your own real-world experiences.

Responses in reply to my follow-up questions don’t count towards Task 2 requirements; however, it will be reflected towards your content score.

Don’t forget to use proper MLA documentation whenever necessary.

The Discussion Forum Rubric can be accessed by viewing the course rubrics.

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