What is one policy that could be implemented if the theory were to be adopted by the criminal justice system?

Select a criminological theory from any of the theories that you have learned about this semester (see list below). You should select the theory you believe is the most valid explanation of criminal behavior from the list below. Answer the following prompts in your paper. You should use the prompts as subheadings in your paper.

Introduction to Paper – In a clear thesis statement identify one theory covered in class that you believe is the most valid explanation for criminal behavior.
What are the main theoretical assumptions of the theory?
Has the theory been empirically supported? Cite three to five empirical peer-reviewed journal articles that have tested the theory, and be sure to report the findings of these studies.
What is one policy that could be implemented if the theory were to be adopted by the criminal justice system?
Explain in detail why you think this theory does the best job of explaining criminal behavior. Be sure to support your argument with the theoretical assumptions, empirical support, and the policy implication of the theory.
Theory Options

Deterrence Theory (Module 2)

Rational Choice Theory (Module 2)

Routine Activities Theory (Module 2)

Biosocial Explanations (Module 3)

Psychosocial Explanations (Module 3)

Merton’s Anomie/Strain Theory (Module 4)

Cohen’s Theory of Lower Class Status Frustration (Module 4)

Cloward and Ohlin’s Differential Opportunity Theory (Module 4)

Agnew’s General Strain Theory (Module 4)

Social Disorganization Theory (Module 4)

Focal Concerns Theory (Module 4)

The Code of the Streets (Module 4)

Social Learning Theory (Module 5)

Social Bonds Theory (Module 5)

Neutralization Theory (Module 5)

General Theory of Crime (Module 5)

Moffitt’s Developmental Taxonomy (Module 5)

Sampson & Laub’s Age Graded Social Bond Theory (Module 5)

how to submit

Formatting Instructions

Microsoft Word .doc or docx
Include Cover Page
1500 to 2000 words (excluding title page and reference page)
Times New Roman Font
12 Point Font
Double Spaced
1”inch margins all around
Grammar & Presentation Instructions:

Should contain headings as per APA formatting style
Should not contain colloquialism and contractions
Should be coherent
Should be written in proper grammar,
Include proper in text and references in APA style
A minimum of 3 empirical peer reviewed journal articles testicixng the theory is required.

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