What event/events caused the creation of your program/policy?

1) What event/events caused the creation of your program/policy?

2) All of these were highly influenced by the media. Some before and some after the implementation of these policies and programs. How did the media influence your choice? Was your program/policy caused by something that was highly covered by the media? Or did large media coverage result from the implementation of the program and policy? Both?

3) Describe the purpose of the program or the policy and when it was enacted.

4) Read the policy/program evaluation paper. Describe what the researchers did to evaluate your program/policy. What were their major findings?

5) Overall, was the program/policy a success, failure, or needs to be studied more?

APA format for citations. Very much like how we did for the Literature review.

Title page, intro, body paragraphs, conclusion, reference page.

The professor wants each section to be titled. I added the original research paper he uses to show us The Patriot Act. He wants us to use this resource as one of our sources.

The class is called Crime and Media so he wants us to examine how the media impacted the creation of The Patriot Act or how media has been impacted by the policy formation.

My info:
Cassidy Vraa
CRIM 3309 – University of Texas Dallas
Robert Geibler (the professor)
the date should be sometime in early November