What Does Your Success as a Student Look Like

Essay# 1
What Does Your Success as a Student Look Like and Why?
To write this essay, you will read one article (#1 Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance) that is uploaded on this page and use ideas and quotes3+ from the article readings in your essay. The actual Essay will be on answering the following questions.
What obstacles are you overcoming/have you overcome to succeed in school, and what is your secret or recipe for success? What does it take to succeed in school?

How does your current mindset about learning impact your experience as a student?

What are your favorite stories or quotes from the assigned articles?

What symbol or image or metaphor comes to mind when you think of your journey in life and in education in particular?

What wisdom about school would you pass on to a sibling, cousin, or your younger self?

Its a 5-page typed essay an educational autobiography that explains 3-4 personality traits and/or success tips that have helped you succeed in school and/or that you want to develop to boost your success in college. You can pretend you are writing this essay for a friend, younger sibling, or another person whom you care about & want to guide to success in school. Keep in mind if it helps, I am a female mom of two so you can make the essay more real.

MLA Works Cited Brief Formatting Overview: 1. Double-space.
2. Center the words, Works Cited,
3. List the sources in alphabetical order by authors last name (or, if no author, start alphabetizing by the article title).
4. Capitalize article titles and enclose them with quotation marks5. Capitalize book titles and italicize them; Italicize film titles

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