What are ‘instruments’ for language imperialism mentioned by Phillipson?

MAIN SUBJECT: LANGUAGE IMPERIALISM AND LANGUAGE EMPOWERMENT. Practices of language learning mirror central issues in society and are surrounded by powerful ideologies. Language differences often reflect status & power differences; language change reflects social change and power shifts. French language imperialism on immigrants workers and families. French language as an imperialist language (especially regarding immigrants in France/Belgium), polish the argument. Either pick Belgium or France as a case study. The relationship between language and identity is a complex and delicate one. Try to answer those questions (those are not the research questions, just a guidance): The well-known scholar Robert Phillipson gives an account of the nexus imperialism / colonialism and language policy.What are ‘instruments’ for language imperialism mentioned by Phillipson? What could Europe do better, do more, for the Promotion of its Languages and the Preservation of its Linguistic Diversity? What should member-states do? please notify me with a relevant academic research question. I expect at least three strong arguments in favour of my thesis (prove that French language and its policies be it in Belgium or France englobes language imperialism especially against minorities (mention also ex-colonies) and one counter argument, plus a relevant case study and a discussicixon and a conclusion. Thank you!!

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