What are 3 areas of biology that is being researched in genetic engineering?

What are 3 areas of biology that is being researched in genetic engineering?
For this research paper, you find a minimum of three scholarly sources (see sources list below) to help you explain how genetic engineering is being used on humans, plants, animals, or bacteria. Finally, you will use this information to make an opinion argument about whether or not genetic engineering is worth pursuing or not. Grading rubric attached. You paper needs to meet the following criteria:

At least 3 scholarly sources used and cited properly, both in text and on your references page.
You paper should include the following sections:
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Summary of your research findings IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Quotations acceptable but limited to 3. You should describe how genetic engineering, such as CRISPR, is being used to modify a particular organism or solve a particular problem.
Paragraph 3: Present your argument for why we should or should not pursue genetic engineering. Use evidence from your research to justify your opinion.
Minimum of 1 page, double spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman.
Must be submitted as Word document (.doc or .docx)
Must use APA Format (I’ve attached a Word doc for you to use that has all the format requirements. Download it and use it as a template for your paper)Genetic Engineering Research Paper Format.docx
Use this rubric to guide you as you write your paper. This is how your paper will be graded: Genetic Engineering Research Paper Rubric-1.docx
Need help finding scholarly sources? Use these:

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