Week 6 Discussion – Spiritual Leadership

Discussion Post – J. Oswald Sanders
Reflect on what read in Spiritual Leadership, then answer or address each of the following:

(1) Chapter 16 surveys four central leadership responsibilities: service, applied discipline, guidance, and initiative. Which of these are you most prepared to carry out? How have you developed your abilities?

(2) Per chapter 17, how does the promise of tests and difficulties affect your attitude about being a leader? Is it a caution, a challenge, or a reason to avoid leadership?

(3) How well do you delegate? How and when has delegations improved your effectiveness as a leader?

Criteria Exemplary
Original Post
Weight 54.00% 90 to 100 %
Clearly answers all questions and establishes a clear understanding of key concepts.

Weight 2.00% 90 to 100 %
Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness. Provides thorough details and relevant data or information; extremely well-organized.

Sanders, J. O. (2017). Spiritual leadership: Principles of excellence for every believer. Chicago, IL: Moody.

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