Video Reviews on Special Needs Topic

Answer the questions given to each video. The responses to each video will be 1 page long.

1. Watch the video Brain Development and Cerebral Palsy. Dr. Darcy Fehlings discusses the different types of cerebral palsy and their causes. Why is it important to look at each persons strengths and area of support in order to understand how to be an effective teacher? (1pg.)

2. Watch the video Hearing Aid – FM Simulation. This video reveals how difficult it is for a student with a hearing aid to listen in a noisy environment, and how an FM system can significantly improve a students listening experience. What have you learned after watching this video? How will you use this knowledge in your classroom if you have a student that uses an FM system? (1pg.)

3. Watch the video Are You Happy? You will meet Morgan and learn about her strengths and intellectual, adaptive, motor, sensory, and communication needs. How are her skills enhanced by being included? (1pg.)

4. Watch the video What’s It Like to Be Visually Impaired? -See Here. The video presents a simulation of what someone with tunnel vision might see when traveling through the environment. What kind of accommodations would you put into place for this student to access instruction and the school environment? (1pg.)

5. Watch the video Watch Me Go!!! Blind Preschooler Uses Cane. In this video, the orientation and mobility specialist helps a preschooler avoid potential limitations related to her blindness as she learns to travel safely on the sidewalks at her school. How does the child use her cane to discover things in the environment that she wants to explore? (1pg.)

6. Watch the video Kristie Speirs Neumeister Twice Exceptional Gifted Child Quarterly. In this video, Professor Kristie Speirs Neumeister highlights a study on the importance of family support for twice exceptional children and adults who are successful. What concerns does Dr. Neumeister raise? How will you work to recognize and support these students in the classroom? (1pg.)

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