Unit two : D. B: what makes the brain”tick” ?

For this discussion, answer the following questions:
1) what are three facts you learned about the brain that you didn’t know before? Please be sure to provide examples.
2) why do you personally think that learning more about the brain is helpful in studying psychology? Please be sure to provide examples.
3) if you could choose any nervous system disorder to study, which disorder would you choose, and why? Look up three facts about your chosen disorder to share with your classmates
I would choose migraines as the nervous system disorder.

Reading materials are as follows
Feldman , R. S. (2020). Essentials of understanding Psychology (14 th ed .) Chapter two , neuroscience and behavior
Brain basics , know your brain (nd).NH.
Supplemental resources
3D brain app has been released on new mobile platforms download more than 1 million times on iPhone iPad now you can download the app for your Android or Windows 7 phone search for 3D brain in your app store you’re strongly encouraged to download this app to your mobile device.