Unit 5 assignment : integrated marketing presentation

The board of directors (BoD) at Post University has asked you to create a marketing campaign for the University. There are two parts to this project:
1. Collect data/information
In order to make the best decisions and maximize their appeal to their target audience is the board of directors needs to collect specific demographic data/information regarding the characteristics of their target markets.
2. Create a slide presentation:
Your slides will help the marketing and admission team at post determine how best to promote Post University brand and continue to grow the University.

Develop a professional for slide PowerPoint presentation based on the following:

Slide one- competitors. Approximately, how many colleges/universities are there in the US, and how many active college students are there in the US?

Slide 2-demographic. What is the average age of adult learners?

Slide three- what are the most likely and best channels to attract them (social media, email, tv, billboards, newspaper, etc.)?

Slide 4- persuasive summary. This is intended to convince the bod to accept your campaign.

Full screen images-each side should have an image that fills the page edge to edge and captures the theme/content. Please limit the superimposed text to no more than eight words per slide.

Include a full set of supporting notes in the notes section of each slide. This is where you will support your thoughts and ideas by using the specific statistics, data, and supporting information of the source of your data.

Professional grammar is expected.