Unit 3 D. B : does viewing violence lead to violent behavior?

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Chapter 5 , Essentials of understanding Psychology , 14 th Ed
Feldman , R. S. (2020) McGraw -Hill
Albert Bandura has been a long-standing expert in regard to learning through imitation as evidence d and his epic”Bobo Doll Study ” watch the video in order to participate in the discussion.
Bandura – Bobo Doll experiment
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After viewing Bandura’s’ original video from his 1961 study above, complete the following for this discussion:
1) explain the basic concepts demonstrated in the study in regard to observational learning.
2) based on the video and your reading, do you believe that violence and television, media, or video games likely promote violent behaviors according to the principles of observational learning? Please share your thoughts and examples
3) additionally, discuss your own real life example of the concept of observational learning by sharing an incident either witnessed personally or through the media.
4) discuss how observational learning differs from theories of learning that”conditioning” ( classical conditioning and operant conditioning). Use the example of how aggressive behavior may result from conditioning.
Be sure to provide the uRL link(s)and ) or title (s) to any resource used as reference in your post.