Two wolves is an adventure novel with action in it, and some parts consist of humor.

Two wolves is an adventure novel with action in it, and some parts consist of humor. The story also involves a conflict where Ben tries to fight the physical world and childishness. The book begins when Ben Silver arrives home from school and is trying to shoot an animation movie in his bedroom when the police arrive. Immediately after the police leave, Ben’s parents come and inform him that they have to leave for a family vacation. Ben and his sister Olive get ready and are in the car, but Ben realizes that something is weird since their family never goes on vacation. Since childhood, Ben wanted to become a detective making his father nicknamed him ‘cop.’ Ben is a quick thinker and realizes that his parents have done something wrong and are on the run. Ben makes up his mind to find out what had happened so that he can uncover his parents. Ben is depicted as the protagonist in the novel, while his father is the antagonist. This paper compares how the author presents the protagonist and the antagonists through various characters.
The two wolves, good and bad, are presented through Ben Silver and Ray, respectively. Ben, being the excellent wolf, has trouble interacting with friends because he is overweight hence has few friends, and the relationship with his parents is complex (Bancks, 12). Ray teases Ben by calling him a boy and a girl, whereas his mother helps him lose weight. Ben is a chubby kid whose only aim in life is to finish his movie and hang out with his friends. A good thing about Ben is that he is a creative child, which helps him escape the reality that is depressing according to him.
Ben is in a dilemma between revealing what his parents have done and protecting his family. Ben is also a very protective and responsible character since he takes care of his sister. The good wolf is kind, compassionate, and humble. Ben tried hard to protect his sister from what is going on in the family. Although Ben’s father is not kind, Ben learns how to mind his business to avoid getting punished. (Bancks, 24)
The antagonist is Ray, who is a skinny man who is serious. The lousy wolf, Ray, has a lot of lies, anger, regrets, and greed. Ray has also done a lot of jobs, including; salesman, ex-mechanic, and motor wrecker. Ben thinks his father is an opportunist to the extent that when someone mistakenly transfers a large sum of money to his account, he moves the money for the owner not to recover it. It seems that Ray learned his criminal activities from his father, who was also a criminal and would hide in his old cabin in case there was a search for him. Ray did not have a good father figure since he did not spend a lot of time with his father. However, Ray wanted to create a good connection with his children, which is impossible since Ben fears his father (Homeyer, 13).
In conclusion, Ray has engaged in some criminal acts making it hard for the children because they also have to hide from the police. The whole family is affected by the deeds of Ray is isolated from their everyday life and friends. April, Ben’s mother, is aware of her husband’s act but hides from the children to protect them and keep the family united. Ben’s character makes him realize something is wrong, which is the least of what his father expected. Ray always thought of Ben negatively because of his appearance. The novel ends with Ben torn between his own family because of protecting her sister.

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