trainee sport psychologist of an 18 years old female 800m runner

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Subject: Research Writing

The purpose of the presentation is to respond to the case study (detailed below). Using appropriate literature, you are required to critically evaluate how the ‘issue’ can be addressed by a sport psychologist. For example, what are the principal issues associated with the case study, what strategy/ies would you employ to address the issue/s, and how would you go about addressing the issue/s. Throughout the presentation, you are also encouraged to consider the varying professional issues that might influence your approach. It is also necessary to detail how the support will be provided, over what time frame support will be provided, and how you can demonstrate effectiveness for the proposal via evaluation.
The topic of the case study 1:
In your capacity as a trainee sport psychologist on an HCPC approved registration route, you have been approached to work with an 18-year-old female 800m runner who is on the verge of her first competitive national-level performance and suffering from low levels of confidence following a recent 8-week lay-off due to an over-use injury. This will be the first input that the athlete has had from a sport psychologist.

With reference to relevant literature, you are required to provide a critical review to how you would approach your work with the client (e.g., gaining entry, building rapport, and integrating yourself within their performance environment) before outlinicixng how you may go about implementing an intervention.