The Things They Carried Writing Assignment

AP Lang and Comp

The Things They Carried Writing Assignment

Task One: Your chapter

What Are You Carrying?

an old letter or text?


a memory of a loved one?


pictures of friends?

too much responsibility?



your parents expectations?

fear of commitment?


fear of rejection?

what else?

Choose two things you are carrying, one tangible and one intangible. Whatever they are, they should mean something to you. Ask yourself why you are carrying these things. Was it a choice you made, or is someone else expecting you to carry these things? Do you wish to put either down? How much do they weigh? Are they difficult to carry? Who and where would you be without them?

Once you have considered these questions, write your own chapter describing the things you carry and what kind of person you are as a result. You should make your reader understand what you carry, why you take these things with you, and how their weight affects you. The impact your chapter has will depend on the tone you employ in your chapter.

Notice what literary tools and figurative devices OBrien employs and consider using them in your own chapter. Avoid generalizations and clich.

(We read “The Things They Carried” by O’brien and this is based on that.)

Length= 2-3 pages