The Theatre of Ritual

In my theatre histories class, we discussed the origins of theatre and also the historiography of theatre. One of the first topics of the semester was that of how theatre was birthed out of certain societal rituals. I am writing a research paper for my theatre histories class on how Antonin Artaud’s theatre of cruelty is influenced by said rituals.

The books that I am reading:
Theatre and Its Double–Antonin Artaud
Comparative Encounters Between Artaud, Michaux, and the Zhuanzi–Xiaofan Amy Li

and I also have to find 5 additional sources

12.12: Finish book and notes on questions of interest.

12.15: list of potential secondary sources

12.18: Notes on 5 sources you will be using and 1/2 lines of what is useful in each

12.19: draft

1.4: completed paper