The Paramedic role in public health resilience and emergency preparedness

The summative assessment will be a 2,000-word report. You will review a major incident or public health issue and critically analyse and evaluate the role of the paramedic, recommendations from an incident or public health issue and consider the impact on your and future professional Paramedic practice

Module Aims:
Develop and consolidate students knowledge and understanding of their role in public health, resilience and emergency preparedness.
Learning Outcomes: Personal & Transferable
Report writing skills to provide a succinct analysis and implications for practice from a professional perspective.
Research, Knowledge & Cognitive Skills
Critically engage and evaluate appropriate reports, literature, and policy from a range of sources to explore the skills, knowledge and professional issues for practice.
Professional Skills
Engage and comment on appropriate evidence and report on implications for professional practice.
Indicative Content:
Triage systems at major incidents
Role of the paramedic in a major incident
Role of specialist teams in major incidents
Communication during a major incident
Business continuity, escalation, and resilience plans
Role of the paramedic in public health
Role of the paramedic in health promotion

Assessment Criteria
This report will assess your ability to:
Critically evaluate the role of the paramedic at their selected incident/public health issue.
Reflect and evaluate the impact of their chosen major incident or public health issue or campaign on their future practice.
Utilise appropriate sources to support your work.
Adhere to the School of Health & Life Sciences guidance for report
writing, presentation and referencing.