The Equifax Data Breach and the need for more cyber experts/tools

Words: 260
Pages: 1
Subject: Research Writing

Cyber-attacks and crimes are increasing day by day and with widely use of
wireless technologies and social media, network security has become vital.
Therefore, organizations are trying to launch more powerful version of the
protective tools that you need to be aware of as part of security fundamentals
including threats, network security, and how to protect potential cyberattacks.
In this course, you are assigned an individual research report (10-15 slides)
related to cybersecurity. You are to report your finding in a Power Point
presentation. Be creative in demonstrating the positive and negative results.
Your report should include the following but not limited to these items:
1. Title of the project
2. Be specific on what you plan to cover during your research
3. Provide as much details as possible
4. Your power point presentation must be professional
5. Summary of results
6. Lessons learned