The Concept of “Other”

The concept of the “Other derives mainly from structuralist theory, which argues that we shape the world through language by use of such polar opposites as “high and low, “sacred and profane, “raw and cooked, “male and female. One of the most potent of these pairs is “self and other. It is argued that we construct a sense of self by differentiating ourselves from others, and that we construct a sense of otherness by differentiating others from ourselves. Since we usually impart values to the distinctions we make, the “Other is never an equal. The “Other is either vastly superior or grossly inferior, a god or a devil.

With the above information and your reading of this weeks chapters in American Stories in mind,

Publish an analysis of what you think the significance of the idea of the “other” is at the root of what will become the United States of America. The subject line should briefly summarize your opinion.