Identify one character with authority and agency in Doyle’s Woman Who Walked into Doors. How does this character epitomize society’s implicit prejudice against alcoholics like Paula Spencer, Charlo, and others like them?

Essay 4 (Doyle) Answer both essay questions below. One is objective (based on verifiable facts), while the other is subjective (open to interpretation). Each answer must be NO longer than an extended paragraph (8-12 complete statements). Copy and paste the first question on your document, and then provide your answer. Do the same with the … Read more

Discuss Lembke’s opponent processing model of pleasure & pain.

Having read, viewed, & listened to the materials on Adam Alter and Anna Lembke, & read Dopamine Nation, please explain how any behavior can become an addiction. Also discuss Lembke’s opponent processing model of pleasure & pain. Please include Lembke’s four ingredients for addiction as presented in her works. Please be sure to cite all … Read more

“Empathy, Advocacy, and Impact: The Profound Significance of Social Work in Addressing Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Social Justice”

Introduction The field of Social Work is a dynamic and multifaceted profession that encompasses a wide range of responsibilities and roles, all centered around the core principles of compassion, advocacy, and empowerment. As society grapples with complex challenges and disparities, the significance of the Social Work profession has only grown, making it a critical force … Read more