system Analysis : Lesson 4 Research

As part of your systems analysis project to update the automated accounting functions for Xanadu Corporation, a maker of digital cameras, you will interview Leo Blum, the chief accountant. Write at least six interview objectives covering his use of information sources, information formats, decision-making frequency, desired qualities of information, and decision-making style.

Write down how you will approach Leo to set up an interview.
State which structure you will choose for this interview. Why?
Leo has four subordinates who also use the system. Would you interview them also? Why or why not?
Write at least three open-ended questions that you will email to Leo prior to your interview. Write a sentence for each questions explaining why it is preferable to conduct an interview in person rather than via email.

Your essay should be approximately 400 words.
Be sure to use proper APA punctuation, spelling and grammar; points will be deducted accordingly.

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