Substance Abuse Assessment and Treatment Planning Week 14 – Final Exam – Part I & Part II

As we have learned, treatment planning is a term that may mean different things to different people and can be a complex process. If we are to provide the most effective help for our patients, we must design a program that involves sequential decisions, weigh information concerning patient characteristics, treatment context, relation variables, treatment strategies, and techniques.

Research suggests that due to the pandemic, America has had a increase in overdose and client-relapse. As forestated, treatment planning is not the application of a one-size-fits-all approach to intervention. Rather, it is an activity which, if done right, requires serious deliberation and clinical skills on the part of the clinician along with client engagement.

For this final exam, you will watch the application video (attached) on the addiction crises facing Joseph Murphy and his family.


1) Discuss the leading drug that causes opioid addiction and overdose in America.

2) Discuss your perspective on how COVID-19 contributed to the opioid crises in the U.S. Conclude with three recommendations that support restructuring mental healthcare policy for substance abuse agencies and clinicians.


You are a substance abuse clinician and have been assigned Joseph Murphy as one of your clients. Design a treatment plan that provides the most effective help towards his rehabilitation, including but not limited to the following categories: (Note: The plan must be developed in the format of an actual treatment assessment for the client. Highlight subheadings by using bold type-font to identify the elements of the treatment plan as shown below. (DO NOT LIST NUMERICALLY).

1) Identification and background information on patient

2) Problem Identification

3) Diagnosis

4) Strategic and Tactics

5) Goal and Objectives

6) Flexibility (Note any changes in the case formulation due to lack to responsiveness to existing course of treatment.)

7) Summarize how you as the clinician intend to share this treatment plan with Joseph Murphy

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