Statement of Purpose

Hello, I need you write a statement of purpose for my graduate school admissions in Data Science program. I have answered a lot of generic questions in detail so you get an idea about me. I have answered everything including why I want to do a masters program, my short and long term goals, my work experience, past failures, etc. Please go through my essays and make sure you cover as much as possible in and write a perfect essay in around 700 words. Please make sure to answer all the questions an SOP is supposed to answer and write a generic, default paragraph answering why this university so that I can simply just add the university name and program that I am applying to.

Please do not paraphrase the essays I am giving you. Those are just to give you the necessary information about me to write a perfect SOP. I am relying on your experience and expertise to write a perfect Statement of Purpose for my masters applications. Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks!