Servant Leadership

Week 7: Final Paper

During most weeks of this class, you have been working towards the creation of the final paper. Now it is time to bring together everything you have researched write the final essay:


Using the topic, you selected during week #2 of the class, write a 7-page essay in APA that answers the following questions:

What the topic is about?
Why this topic interests you?
What are the major findings from the scholarly sources you found?
How will you apply your research to your academic or career goals?
A summary section that ties everything up at the end of the paper.
This paper should be written in first person and must have an abstract. It also must have seven scholarly references, at a minimum. Ideally, these seven references will be the ones you listed in your annotated bibliography.

Keeps your use of quotes to an absolute bare minimum. If you fill up your paper with a bunch of quotes, it’s going to be scored a zero. Please use common sense.

The easiest way to write this paper is to do what we did earlier in the class. Pretend we are all sitting around a campfire and you are sharing material with your fellow classmates.

Essentially, here’s what I will be grading you on:

Does this student understand the material?
Can this student demonstrate synthesis through writing?
Can this student apply critical thinking skills on the topic they have chosen?
Can this student write in their own words?
Can this student write at the graduate level?

Remember that your final paper is automatically checked for plagiarism through Do not make the mistake of thinking you can take a shortcut. The system will catcixch you and flag your paper.

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