Saudi Economy and deep-dive on the Tourism sector

1-macroeconmoy of Saudi arabia
A-overview of the saudi economy macro economic indicators before the the beginning of theVision 2030
-explane how the economy relay on the oil and government spending
– women was not involved enough in the workforce
– limited FDIs
B- talking about what changed after the vision 2030 and the direction of the country in terms of the economy
– women empowerment(increase the number of women in the workforce)
– VAT, Expat levy and other monetary and fiscal policy
– crackdown on corruption(example the Ritz case)
– PIF role in the economy
– opening new sector (example tourism)
– new mega projects and its impact on the economy (such asNEOM, Red sea,Qiddiyah )
– hosting G20, FII and other

C- coved 19 and its impact on the economy

– talk about how the country responded
– how the govenment supported the economy
-increased VAT and cut cost on nonessential projects and spending

2- tourism sector
A-overview of the sector before the Vision
– microeconomic view
-torism was only religious tourism (Hajj and Umrah)
-infrastructure not ready
-no tourist visa
B-microeconomic overview such as the supply and demand of the sector after the Vision2030
– how the government are easing the regulation for the sector
– loans and special funds
– ministry for Entertainment
– opening Cinemas
– concerts
– and other sport tournament such as golf , tennis, WWE, Boxing and Fourmla E
C- expectation on the sector for the coming years up to 2030

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