Responding to the instructor WEEK 6 NR-505

Thanks for the discussion. In the healthcare setting most change must occur quickly or as we always said yesterday. According to DeMarco (2017) there is a sense of urgency that needs to occur with change. However, the lack of urgency tends to occur. Why do you think this lack occurs? DeMarco (2017) states six approaches need to occur to produce a sense of urgency: 1. The sense of urgency cannot be the same reaction to every change, 2. Sound knowledge of the change, 3. State the consequences if the change does not occur, 4. Continued urgency, 5. Keep the team moving forward, and 6. Reward small steps. Your thoughts on this?

DeMarco, P. (2017). Leader time: 6 ways to increase the sense of urgency on your team. The Business Journals. https://www. (Links to an external site.)