Responding to a post week 6 NR-505

I have to respond to my classmate. This is what she wrote. The nurse leader I interviewed is the Director of Patient services for Marquis Home care. Recent evidence based practice initiative shared was the teaching of medications such as eye drops and inhalers that can be done hand over hand by the HHA. The evidence of allowing the patients to remain autonomous with some oversight. The HHA is not performing insertion but simply assisting with performance related to decreased dexterity in the hands. This will help the patient feel more independent and leads to better outcomes. The evidence points to greater autonomy being a gateway to increased patient outcomes. The autonomy and assistance with the patient care allow the patients to remain home and have a better quality of life. The patients are able to stay home with more severe disabilities and things that would normally not be able to be taken care of at home are now not a barrier to staying home (Bluhm,2009).

The most inspiring part of the interview was the passion for the patients. The director really made it a personal feel and a want to make the patients be at home while receiving the care they need. She expressed how she wants them to feel independent and comfortable receiving care in the home. The want for a greater quality of life as at the forefront of her motivation and you can really see the passion in her answers (Hill et. al., 2022).